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β€œIt’s what I always wanted and could never really find. Great way to track goals and gather mood.”

You need to accomplish your tasks every day and not kill yourself in the process, right? YourTrail will help you organize your day to reduce stress and get things done!
Use YourTrail to connect the dots between your goals and habit, design your ideal day, prioritize activities for maximum productivity and flow, and learn to be more present.

How it works

YourTrail is minimalist yet fully-featured. It integrates the most common elements of journaling apps, goal tracking apps, and mindfulness apps to provide a truly unique experience.

Timeboxed task manager

Timeboxed task tracker that helps you stop procrastinating and get more done in less time. Focus on one thing at a time, then cross each task off as you finish it to stay in the "Zone".

Goal planning

A goal planning and tracking tool for your goals. Simple. Intuitive. Not overbearing at all.

Journaling & daily gratitude

Simple tool to help you build the habit of journaling and daily gratitude. By taking one minute out of your day, you can grow your happiness.

Mental & physical health trackers

A collection of widgets designed to keep track of your mental and physical well-being throughout the day. We all lead busy lives and we often forget to take care of ourselves.

Scheduled breaks

An automated tool that reminds you to take micro-breaks throughout the workday, boosting your health and productivity.

Stay calm and focused

More features to help you remain mindful and focused. We have many more in the works.

Scenic backgrounds

Ambient sounds

Daily quotes & mantras

Daily rituals

Task templates

Task prioritization

Hi, I'm Iska, creator of YourTrail.

I know how hard it can be to stay on track, especially with all the distractions we deal with every day. That's doubly true if you work from home with no clear work/home boundary.

That's why I created YourTrail, a daily workday dashboard that doesn't only focus on productivity, but also on being present and mindful. I aimed at making it simple, fun, and easy to use - making it possible for everyone to stay organized.

Hope you enjoy it!

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